Venkat Murali

UX Strategist / Information Architect / Hi-fi Prototyper

I deliver full-stack digital design solutions with expertise ranging from UX research to development integration.

My Process

My approach to problem solving involves iterating over various stages of the process described below:


Conduct user and stakeholder interviews, ethnographic field studies, and market research in order to understand the client's goals and user's needs


Build upon foundational research and user mental models to create a framework for content and features across all stages of the experience


Explore a multitude of interaction and layout patterns at varying degrees of fidelity. Validate (or invalidate) design decisions through usability testing.


Build deployable and scalable applications using HTML/CSS/JS code. Consult analytics to track application performance for further iteration.

Enterprise Work Samples

View select deliverables from my enterprise work on my Behance page.
( Disclaimer: Due to NDA, these are purposely out of context. Full context and presentations available upon request )

I am currently avalible for hire.

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